Nursing Students

This ESRC seminar series provides opportunities to discuss the potential contributions that the social sciences might make to nurse education. Meetings bring together academics from nurse education and health-related social sciences with nursing students and those with responsibility for commissioning nurse education. The series aims to increase interdisciplinary collaboration between the social sciences and nursing to inform innovative curriculum design in nursing and bring benefits to social science research and education.

Seminar 1 – Highland Campus, Inverness, 8th May 2014

Placing patients' lives: Exploring the contribution of geographical perspectives to nurse education

Where: Highland Campus, University of Stirling, Inverness
When: 8th May 2014

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Seminar 2 – Warwick

Understanding the culture of the ward and community environment

Where: RCN Research Institute,
University of Warwick
When: 15th July 2014

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Seminar 3 – London

Applying the social sciences to Mid-Staffordshire

Where: Strand Campus,
Kings College London
When: 26th September 2014

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